Ballycahill Cemetery







Ballycahill Cemetery

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Ballycahill Parish
There was an old church in ruins and an active graveyard located on the main road (R503, the Anglesey Road) that was readily accessible.



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This is a view of some of the gravestones inside the ruins of the chapel. The inscriptions are on the other side of the stones - the east facing side. They aren't as badly eroded as this view might appear.

"In Loving Memory of John Bourke (Yank)

Clareen and Ballycahill

Who died 2nd Feb. 1954 age 60

Also his cousins

The Purcell Family

Newtown, Ballycahill"


There is also a James Kennedy in the background

Five Stakelum gravestones and two memorials on the wall behind. the earliest ones from 1786 and 1787.

A closer shot of the the two oldest Stakelum stones


Erected by Mary O'Meara in memory of her father

Michael Ryan

(night watchman, Thurles) who died 25th July 1882 aged 65 years. Also his sister Catherine. Died 1890























No. 1

Erected by William Fanning of Clondoly in memory of his Father William Fanning of Lissaroon died 28th Oct 1860 Aged 90 years.
Also his sister Catherine
died 21st March 1856
Aged 39 years.
also John Mullany, Thurles, and
his son John Joe who died 16th
May 1973 Aged 78 years and
Michael Died 28th March 1974
Aged 81 years
Also Elizabeth Mullany, Moyne
(nee Heffernan) wife of Michael
Died 25th Oct 1996 Aged 93
May they rest in peace. Amen




No. 2

Erected by Mary Ryan of Killinan in memory of her husband John
who died Jan 12 1841
agd 47 Yrs also her daughter
Ellon McGrath depd May 9 1844 agd 17 Yrs.
may they rest in Peace Amen.

No. 3

"Crux Avespes Unica"
erected by Wil Fannin in memory of his brother John Fannin died Dec 13, 1824 Aged 60 Yrs.
may he rest in peace Amen.

No. 1
Erected to the Memory of the
Fanning Family

No. 2
Erected by William Fannin in
memory of his Father William
who departed this life Jan
28th 1802 aged 71 Yrs
May he rest in peace A
Also his daughter Mary Evislo?
als Fannin
died Aug 26 1846 agd
39 Y.



No. 3
Here lies the body of Sarah
Fanin alias Ryan
who died Nov 27 1817 Aged 75

May her soul reft in Peace Amen

Erected by her
son Wm Fanin Also his wife
Hanera Cormick ded Nov 28 1848 agd 66 yrs A.

No. 4
Erected by Thomas Fanning
Lisaroon in memory of his father Michael Fanning died 25th Aug. 1878 aged 67 Yrs.
His Mother Catherine Fanning
died 14th April 1901

aged 68 yrs.
also his sister Hanoria died 9th
Aug 1882 aged 28 Yrs
also the above Thomas Fanning died 4th Feb 1926 aged 67 Yrs. and his wife Hanna Fanning died 19th July 1937















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