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1860 Onondaga County Atlas

Map of Onondaga County, New York

Published by A. R. Z. Dawson, Nos. 517, 519 & 521 Minor St., Philadelphia, PA 1860

From Actual Surveys by Homer D. L. Sweet, Pompey, NY

Asst. Publishers L. D. Peck, W. H. Green, A. Y. Peck, W. J. Tator, P. W. Treat, N. R. Wilbur, C. O. Titus, L. C. Dawson

Town of Salina (Large):

Town of Salina (Small):

1874 Onondaga County Atlas

Sweet’s New Atlas of Onondaga County, New York

From Recent and Actual Surveys and Records Under the Superintendence of Homer D. L. Sweet, Syracuse, NY

Published by Walker Bros. & Co., 36 Vesey Street, New York, 1874

Engraved & Printed by J. B. Beers & Co., 36 Vesey St., NY

Entered according to Act of Congress in the Year 1874 by F. W. Beers & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, DC

Main: http://www.historicmapworks.com/Atlas/US/701/Onondaga+County+1874/

Town of Salina: http://www.historicmapworks.com/Map/US/16259/Geddes++Salina++Syracuse/Onondaga+County+1874/New+York/


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