Parker House





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Parker House



1874 – The Parker House at Cody’s Corners in the village of Cicero.




Date of picture – unknown. Location: Main Street in the village of Cicero, looking south. Shown above is an old picture of the Parker House that was located on Main Street, which was the Cicero Plank Road. There is also a story that the first part of the plank road was constructed in front of the Parker House. In this picture there doesn’t appear to be any plank road, it looks like a dirt road.


Jud Settle

The Parker House was located south of Main St on the Plank Road in Village of Cicero. The structure began in 1818, located at what was then called Cody’s Corners. Jed Settle was running the Parker House in June 1871. The hotel was named after a local citizen named R. H. Parker. [1871-06-26]


A. J. Wright

A. J. Wright took over management of the Parker House in 1873. “Although this is comparatively a new name, this stand is one of the oldest in the country, as it was occupied by Samuel Cushing, Esq., as a hotel and store more than fifty years ago.” [1873-06-13]


Crownhart & Company

The new proprietors of the Parker House in Cicero, Crownhart and Company held a Centennial opening party on the Fourth of July, 1876. [1876-06-28] In September 1877, Crownhart was still in charge.


Arthur Nunn

"Arthur Nunn is moving his goods to Cicero Corners, having bought the Parker House." [1886-01-26]


F. E. Wright

F. E. Wright sold the Parker House and will retire. [1890-05-01]




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Charles King

Charles King bought the hotel in 1895 and kept the Parker House name for a while and later changed the name to King’s Hotel.


Miss Listman's Ill-Fated Sleigh Ride Party




After King died his wife was still running the Parker House in August 1938.




The End of the Parker House

In September 1965 The Parker House was demolished to make room for a shopping center.




Cicero photo from 2012 of the corner where the Parker House had been located.



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