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The following papers have been researched, written, and revised over the past few years with two having been previously published on the site. All six papers have been revised and updated using parish and civil records combined with land and census records. The common thread among these papers is that all the families have a connection to Clogher and/or Clonoulty civil parishes of Co. Tipperary.

One of the goals in writing these papers was to find any connections among the families described in the six papers, either familial or geographic. An effort was also made to extend the various family histories as far back into the past as possible. The descriptions listed below are roughly in the chronological order in which the papers were first conceived.

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The Ryans and McGraths of Drumbane

            This paper has been evolving since 2002. In 2017 a connection of this McGrath family to Clonoulty parish was discovered and the paper grew from a couple pages to a much larger paper, but the paper was only circulated privately. In 2019 it has been revised yet again and enlarged and is finally ready for web site publication.  - LINK


Clonoulty - McGrath and Hayes

            Originally put together to highlight family connections determined via DNA test results, this paper was revised with the addition of civil records and furthered expanded with land records. This resulted in the improved understanding of two sub-townlands and discovery of a possible connection with the families in the previous paper.  - LINK


McGrath Clonoulty Curragh Descent

            A set of notes and some gravestone inscriptions from Con Ryan of Dublin was the starting point for this paper. Those notes were transformed into family tree structures and supplemented with information from the parish records and published on the site. The paper was revised in 2019 and updated with information from the civil records.  - LINK


The McGraths of Turraheen (Updated 8-12-22)

            Family connections which were observed in the Griffith’s Valuation records for Turraheen Lower gave rise to this paper. Using the parish and civil records in addition to census records it was possible to generate and populate several connected family trees. These family trees were constructed with the best information that was available at the time and assuming that the families had followed the Irish naming tradition. This process is not perfect and the results need further corroboration. Several of the families immigrated to Australia and Michele Cullen has provided valuable information from the Australian records. This has allowed this paper to be updated and a couple of incorrect assumptions to be corrected.   - LINK


Descendants of Michael McGrath and Mary Ryan of Clonoulty

            After a pattern was noticed in the Upperchurch parish records and that family was connected with the census records for the same townland, work on this paper began. The family connections were expanded further into Clogher parish using the Clonoulty RC parish records and the civil records.   - LINK


James McGrath of Coolacussane  (Updated 8-02-22)

            The family connections described in this paper evolved from the inscription on a single gravestone. Although the gravestone was in the cemetery in Clonoulty civil parish, the activities of the persons described in the inscription took place in the townland of Coolacussane, Kilpatrick civil parish. Nonetheless this paper was included in this group of Clogher and Clonoulty related papers. This basic information was supplemented with church and civil records and land and census information.   - LINK




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