The Challenge by Paul Conan, Jr.


Dr. Robert James Conan was a unique individual with a brilliant mind and many passions.  His lifelong friends in Syracuse N.Y. described him as a "Renaissance Man" but to me he was Uncle Bob.  He was exceptional not only in his career as a Physical Chemistry professor and Chairman of the Chemistry Department at LeMoyne College, but also as a genealogist, pianist, and music composer.  His collecting interests included ancient roman coins, historical signed documents, historical Irish books, Classical Music records, and Classical sheet music.

Bob Conan's greatest passion was Irish genealogy, and he amassed a vast amount of information from his numerous trips to Ireland and his research in central New York, especially Pompey.  Bob never married or had children, so when he died in 2002 his property passed to his brother (my father) Paul Sr., and then to my mother in 2013.  Fortunately all of his genealogy research has been preserved and stored in dozens of boxes and 3-ring binders.  To honor his life's work, my goal is to scan all his research and make it available to those who are interested.

The challenge of The Conan Archival Project is the sheer scope and the time required to go through the boxes and organize everything, scan each page, and then combine the pages into specific subjects.  The contents include letters from Irish priests in Upperchurch, County Tipperary and baptismal records.  During his many trips to Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s, Bob became friends with several Upperchurch-area priests and was allowed rare access to transcribe church records from the old, fragile, hand written parish registers.  

These boxes and 3-ring binders also contain Irish maps showing where Irish relatives lived, letters from Irish people of County Tipperary, Bob's notes from his Irish record searches, family trees, family photos, cemetery records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and even Bob's diaries.  There are binders full of worksheets where Bob was trying to figure out family connections within Ireland in the 1800s.  I also have Bob's two laptops from the 1990s which have not yet been opened or searched.  

This is a long-term project, but hopefully the results will be useful to those seeking information about their relatives in the Upperchurch-area as well as in Pompey, N.Y.  


The Conan Archival Project
From Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary to Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY

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Robert J. Conan, Jr., Ph.D.

(1924 - 2002)


Jerry Coonan's peat bog in 1999 in Gortnagowna, Templederry parish, Co. Tipperary

Left to right: Paul Conan, Jr., Paul Conan, Sr., Jerry Coonan, and Bob Conan, Jr.

Robert Conan's  Research  

      Robert Conan laid the groundwork for connecting the many Coonan/Conan family descendants in Ireland. During the process Conan became aware that many of the families in the Upperchurch area of Co. Tipperary had settled in the Pompey and Fabius areas of Onondaga County, NY during the famine and in the years immediately thereafter. In the 1880s, as the children of the original Irish settlers were moving off the farms and into the nearby cities, many moved to Tipperary Hill in the town of Geddes on the west side of Syracuse, NY. During the 1880s the folks back in Upperchurch were aware of Tipperary Hill and many more came over to the US and settled on Tipperary Hill in the latter decades of the 19th century.



Dr. Robert J. Conan -

Formula for Success















The Conan Family with Charts and Maps


Robert J. Conan, Jr., Ph.D.







Irish Books Owned and Irish Records Consulted


Early Conan Family Trees


Bob's Letters from Irish Priests (10 letters)


Bob's Letters from Irish People (5 people)


Bob's Interviews with Irish People


Conan Time Line


Annotated Conan maps


Ancient Map and Old Genealogy


Irish in Pompey, NY; Order of Arrival from Ireland


Upperchurch and Other Catholic Parish Records


Griffith - A Couple Annotated Maps and GV Copies


Irish Records from Kilbarron and Thurles


Bob's Notes from Elphin Census Circa 1750


Tithe, Griffiths, O'Hart, Irish Phone Nums, Dublin Castle


Xerox Copies of Books


A Few Census Snippets


Copies of Irish Passenger Lists - Part 1


Copies of Irish Passenger Lists - Part 2



Parish Registers - Coonan Families and Neighbors




















The Diaries of Robert Conan, Jr.

Dr. Robert Conan wrote in his diary every day in 1949.  In it he comments on his many interactions with faculty, students, and friends, and his transition from being a Ph.D. candidate in New York City to becoming an assistant professor at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York.  The highlight of his day was playing a small organ in his apartment and listening to classical music, which gave him great joy and inspiration.  Bob also mentions the daily struggles he faced while compiling research for his Ph.D., including fatigue, melancholy, loneliness, and inadequate sleep. 

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