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Charles Bailey Family

This is a picture of the Charles Bailey house on the northwest corner of Brewerton Road and Bailey Road. The white sign in front of the house (on the right) shows that it was being run as a Tourist Home at the time the picture was taken. In June 1960 one of the first Carrol's Drive-Ins in Syracuse was opened on this location. Picture taken by Keith Choiniere from a photo at the Salina Free Library.


Connection to Mattydale

Charles Bailey and his family moved to the town of Salina in 1864 after purchasing 18 acres of land from Leman B. Pitcher (Pitcher Hill was named after him). Just south of Bailey was an old neighbor from the town of Fabius, John Dwight.


Family History

Where did they originally come from

Charles Bailey was born in the town of Fabius in 1817 and spent his entire life in Onondaga County.


Where did they initially settle

Charles Bailey's parents were David Bailey and Betsey Randall. It is not known when they settled in the town of Fabius.


Family connections

The Charles Bailey family is connected to the John Dwight family. Charles Bailey's 2nd (Emily Amelia Dwight, m. 1861) and 3rd (Angelina Mary Dwight, m. 1871) wives were daughters of John Dwight. Bailey's youngest daughter, Florence, married Huntington Beard Crouse who together with Mr. Hines were the founders of the Crouse-Hinds Company.


Property History

In 1855 E. B. Hinsdell sold Leman B. Pitcher 204.5 acres in the northeast corner of Lot 3. On January 8, 1864 Pitcher sold 18 acres of that land to Charles Bailey. It was bordering the west side of the Plank Road and straddled what would become Bailey Road in about equal parts. After Charles Bailey's death in 1898 the land was purchased by Benedict Morey and his son. Morey farmed the land for a while and finally sold the area around the main house for residential development and developed Morey's Park and DreamWyld on the land south of Bailey Road. Today, Route 11, heading for the entrance to Interstate 81, at the southern edge of Northern Lights Traffic Circle, passes right over the area.













Charles Bailey

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