This journey began in 1999 when I noticed some Long graves in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Truxton, NY. I saw the Long family monuments and made a note of their locations and inscriptions. Later I included them in a map I made of the cemetery. In 2001 I received an e-mail from Nancy Long of Pennsylvania, asking a question about a Michael McGraw that she had found in the 1855 Pompey census. She sent me a copy of that page of the census and a copy of Margaret McGrath Long’s death certificate that showed her father was named Michael McGrath. She was trying to make the connection between the two Michaels. I was planning a trip to Truxton and told her I would get some pictures of the Long graves in Truxton that I had seen on a previous trip. . After returning home I sent the Long cemetery photos to Nancy. They were interesting but there was no apparent connection with Nancy’s Long ancestors.


        I first came across the Richard Long family during a research effort into the Carroll families in the Pompey area in the latter half of the 19th century. Several Carroll men had married McGraw / McGrath women. Among this group was the Richard Long who had married a Margaret McGrath, who Nancy Long was researching. One of Richard and Margaret's sons had later married a Carroll whose mother was also a McGrath. However, the attempt to connect the Carroll and Long families had been stalled for several years.


        It was the McGrath and Long connections that would take off in 2007 when I noticed a footnote in a paper by Father Tom Buckley. That led to the identification of over a dozen persons found in the town of Pompey in 1855 as being the same persons in Maple Ridge, town of Martinsburg, Lewis Co., in 1860. This solidified the Long - McGrath connection for one family and the other two would follow. It would turn out that there were three Long families and they had been neighbors to my McGrath family both in central New York but also previously back in Ireland.

The Long Families
Neighbors in Pompey, Fabius, and Truxton NY and in Holycross parish, Co. Tipperary
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The Long and McGrath Families in Ireland

This map shows the Co. Tipperary  civil parishes of Moyaliff and Holycross on the west and east sides of the Farneybridge River respectively. The Michael McGrath farm was just east of Moyaliff Hill in Moyaliff townland. Kennedy Long's farm was in the townland of Raheen, Holycorss parish, just across the river from the McGrath farm. Kennedy Long's son Richard married Michael McGrath's daughter Margaret in Syracuse, NY. James Long's farm was in Glenreagh and Thomas Long's farm was in Grange, both in Holycross parish. Thomas Long, a descendant of James Long, is still farming his family's Glenreagh farm today. The map scale is given by the blue squares which are 1 km on a side.    


The Long Families


The McGrath - Long Trilogy... 06-30-20

Reaching Across the Penal Times - 06-30-20

The Long and McGrath Families

The Neighbors in Ireland  




Extra Items

Thomas Long's Land Lease


Lawrence Long's Farms in Onondaga Co, NY


The Long View by Stephen Long ...






Nancy Long

The Margaret McGraw Long connection and the Long family's move to Maple Ridge, Lewis Co. and their return.


Father Tom Buckley

The Moyaliff connection of the McGrath, Ryan and Gleason families of Maple Ridge.


Richard Long

Information on the various Long families in Pompey, Truxton and Fabius


Richard F. Long Remembered

1926- 2011


Clare Tuohy

Long family church records from Holycross, land records and co-author of The Neighbors in Ireland.





















This satellite image shows the same area as depicted in the map above. The red circles indicate the locations of various farms.The McGrath farm is in the upper left corner. The Kennedy Long farm is just to the east of the McGrath farm. The James Long farm is southeast of the Kennedy Long farm and the Thomas Long farm is near the bottom edge of the image.



















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