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Reaching Across the Penal Times

Published: June 30, 2020

          The McGrath and Long families, who were neighbors in Central New York, have been traced back to Moyaliff and Holycross parishes of Co. Tipperary in a previous paper, The Long and McGrath Families. They were also found to be neighbors in Ireland where they were also neighbors to the Fanning and Tuohy families. A subsequent paper, The Neighbors in Ireland, studied these four families over a period of time that included the Great Famine. The ancestral homesteads of these families were located and in some cases  present day descendants of these families were identified.

          The present document is focused on the McGrath and Long family records which were successfully used to document connections among these families. The goal of this paper has been expanded from establishing connections among families in the early 19th century to also finding connections across the Penal Times into the 17th century.

The Neighbors in Ireland

Published: December 5, 2011

       This document describes the follow on study after The Long and McGrath Families. In a search for the old homesteads of the McGrath and Long families an intensive study of the Irish land records was conducted. The primary source for land records of the post Famine period is the Griffith’s Valuation. Since several of the families of interest had left Ireland during the Famine they were not found in the published Griffith’s Valuation. The manuscript materials gathered during the famine capture the rapid change of the various occupants while recording the names of many individuals who left Ireland during the Famine. It was necessary to research the various manuscript materials that contained information on land, farm structures and valuations that were subsequently used to generate the Griffith’s Valuation. All of the families were found in these manuscript records along with the locations and descriptions of the structures on their farms. Additional families (Fanning and Tuohy) were found who were also connected to the McGrath and Long families. Family trees were constructed from church records, cemetery transcripts and valuation records known as the “Cancelled Books.”

The Long and McGrath Families

Published: October 27, 2011

       This document describes a search for family connections that literally began with just a couple pieces of paper. There was one McGrath family and three Long families that were the focus of the study. The connections and locations of those families were explored in Central New York from their arrivals down to the present day. It was subsequently discovered that these families had also been neighbors in Moyaliff and Holycross parishes back in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.







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