The McGrath-Fanning Papers

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Ancestries 1

The family of Edward Fanning and Bridget Maher. Edward is described as the great grandfather which would be the relationship of Edward to Winifred McGrath. Winifred is probably the author of this paper.







Ancestries 2

The continuation of Ancestries 1.






Ancestries 3

Pedigree of Helen Winifred McGrath, daughter of Patrick McGrath, granddaughter of Patrick McGrath, great granddaughter of Philip McGrath (Coolkill), gg-granddaughter of John McGrath.

Additional family trees: Children of Patrick McGrath and Bridget Fanning (grandparents). Children of Philip McGrath and Winifred Ryan (great grandparents). Children of Edward Fanning and Bridget Maher.  


Ancestries 4

“About the year 1701 in the Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Dennis McGrath (of Garryweanish as above married ??? Dwyer of the Dwyer – Ryan family?

All Ryans on mother side

Danl & Mary Ryan of

Parents of William, Philip, Winifred Mrs. Kearney and Mrs. Long”

Dennis McGrath & ? Dwyer were parents of John & Stephen.


Ancestries 5

“Children of Edward Fanning and Bridget Maher (great – great – grand)”

Richard, Thomas, John, Mary and Catherine.



Ancestries 6

The paper begins with “Early in 1798” but what follows was much earlier. Dennis McGrath => John McGrath => Philip McGrath and then the children of Philip. This includes the children of Philip and then the children of Patrick McGrath (son of Philip).


Ancestries 7

Record of McGrath – Fanning family made by Winifred McGrath.” Then there is a line “the Parents of our Father, were Philip McGrath of Coolkill and Winifred Ryan of Rathcannon.” This makes Winifred daughter of Patrick McGrath and Bridget Fanning the author of this paper. It shows her line from her parents back to Dennis McGrath.


Ancestries 8

Edward Fanning => Richard Fanning => Richard and siblings and who they married. Also Daniel Ryan and Mary Davern children.


Ancestries 9

Appears to be a re-do of Ancestries 6 – not a copy but a re-do.

“About the year 1700 in Co. Tipperary Ireland Dennis McGrath, of Garry-weanish, Co. Tipperary married into the Dwyer family.”

Related to the Dwyer family: “All Ryans on both sides Dan Ryan and Mary Ryan parents of” John, Stephen Patrick, William and Philip (all lined out), Winifred, Mrs. Long and Mrs. Kearney.

John McGrath of Coolkill, BallyCahill P.O. married 1st Bridget Purcell or Mary of same parish. And 2nd married Bridget Fahey of same Co. Also lists children of both marriages and begins to list their son Philip McGrath, Coolkill, “B.C. (Ballycahill) above married Winifred Ryan of Rath Cannon (Rathkennan) Co. Tipperary”

NOTE: The townland of Rathkennan is in the civil parish of Rathkennan.  The small 793 acre Rathkennan parish is sandwiched between the civil parishes of Clogher on the west and Holycross on the east.



R. J. Fanning

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Letterhead “Fanning & Henderson” No. 508 Customhouse Street, Corner Decatur (Old Number 50). “My grandfather was Richard Fanning” It then lists Richard’s children their spouses and the number of children in each family.

At the bottom there is the following: “I am the son of Thomas Fanning and Bridget Purcell & the only one of our family name that is alive in this section of the country. I was born in Glon Reich (Glenreagh) pa Holycross. My grandmother’s name – on my mother’s side was Margaret Walsh she was born in place called Klinoultry (Clonoulty). My mother was born in parish Monroe…, townland Lissaroon. My grandfather’s name on Mother’s side was Wm Purcell was born in parish Monro townland of Lissaroon.”

NOTE: There is a Lissaroon townland in Inch parish in Eliogarty barony, Co. Tipperary. There is also a nearby Monroe townland in Inch parish but there is no Monroe parish in Ireland. The Monroe townland adjoined the Inch House property on the south. The entire 63 acres of the townland was occupied by Edward Long and the RC Chapel and yard by Rev. Daniel Lynch. The immediate Lessor was Major W. Armstrong.



R. J. Fanning p. 2 of 2

“My Brother & sister – died when small children in 1852 or 53. My Father Thomas Fanning died on July 4th 1854 in NO. My Mother – Bridget Purcell died Dec 4/ 1875 [maybe 1895] in NO.

There is another family here named Fanning those two sons, that I know of named Thomas & Michael & also another family of the name, they do not use the letter ‘g’ at end of the name, none of these 2 familys are related to me that I know of.”


Baptism, Margaret Mary McGrath


Margaret Mary McGrath, b. Dec 8th, 1898. Baptized Dec 20, 1898.

Births, 3 children of Patrick N. McGrath

Mary McGrath - b. May 13, 1892

Philip Joseph McGrath - b. Feb 1, 1885

Winefred M. McGrath - b. Dec 29, 1889


Citizenship, Patrick H. McGrath

Wednesday, October 7, 1874 was made a citizen. He entered the U.S. from Ireland in 1849.


Falsified Irish Baptism Certificate for Patrick McGrath 


Family of Edward Fanning & Bridget Maher

Mother’s side of the McGrath family. Lists the children, who they married and where they were from.

Family of Thomas & Hanora Fanning

“the family of Thomas and Hanora Fanning my grand uncle and aunt were”

Bridget who married Patrick Toohey of Rathcradoge, Thurles parish

Amy who married James Toohey of Rathcradoge, Thurles parish

Mary who died in childhood.

“All the Fannings of the past generations were Respectable Farmers and are buried in the Churchyard of Thurless County Tipperary, Ireland.”

“The greater part of the Family of my grandparents, came to New Orleans, in the year 1849, and are buried there.”


Family record McGrath, Fanning

Made by Winifred McGrath.

Patrick McGrath died Dec 13, 1862, age 64

Bridget McGrath, his wife, died, Sept 28, 1865, age 48

Thomas McGrath, their son, died Aug 10, 1853, age 10

Richard McGrath, their son, died Nov 11, 1854, age 14

John McGrath, their son, died June 4, 1850, 9 months

William, their son, died Aug 30, 1852, age 9 days.

Philip J. McGrath, their son, died Dec 3, 1882


“Died Nov 18th – 07 (1907) their daughter Winifred McGrath, in religion, Sister Mary S. Jane de Chantol aged 73 years; a pure spirit, and a noble source of the Community of the House of the Good Shepherd interred on their grounds New Orleans.”


Family, Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning

Patrick McGrath and Bridget Fanning and their children. Also birth and death dates.


Letter, Ireland to Winifred McGrath


From Letter – Falsified Baptism Certificate



Margaret & Mary McGrath Passports 1967




Marriages of children of Patrick & Bridget McGrath



Children and who they married, where they were from and dates



McGrath Family Record

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McGrath Family Record

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