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Albert D. Wright





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Wright Family

This is a picture of the old Wright Homestead on East Molloy Road taken in 2006. More pictures


Connection to Mattydale

Albert D. Wright purchased the 110 acre farm of Daniel Lynch in 1883. The old homestead goes back to at least 1855 and is still standing today, about a block east of the Riordan Apartments on E. Molloy Road. Descendants of Albert D. Wright still live in Mattydale but not in the old homestead itself.


Family History

Where did they originally come from

The earliest Wright found in the area was Walter Wright who was Albert's grandfather. Walter was born in Westchester Co., New York in 1784. Walter Wright was found in the 1840 census for the town of Manlius.


Where did they initially settle

In 1843 Walter originally settled on about 100 acres in the northern part of the town of Manlius on Lot 14. This lot is located near the northwest corner of the Town of Manlius, with the Town of DeWitt just one lot to its west and the Town of Cicero on a portion of its north border. In 1845 Walter sold this land to his two oldest sons, Lyman (Albert's father) and James Wright. Lyman got the 74 acre southern piece while James got the smaller 28 acre northern portion. In 1847 Lyman sold his 74 acres to his brother James and went a little further north and purchased 72 acres in the town of Cicero on Lot 73, just west of Bridgeport. This is the farm where Albert D. Wright was born.


Family connections

Lyman Wright might have known Daniel Lynch, while Lynch was growing up in the town of DeWitt. The Lynch family lived just south of the Wrights. In 1880, it is suspected that Albert Lynch was living on the western side of DeWitt Lot 9, which is adjacent to Salina Lot 8. The names surrounding Albert Wright's name in the 1880 census are among the same names found in the area of DeWitt Lot 9 shown on the 1874 map . His move from DeWitt might have been less than a mile.


Property History

Daniel Lynch purchased 120 acres in 1855, on Salina Lot 8, on what was then the Richmond Road (now E. Molloy Road). In 1859, Lynch sold 10 acres, in the northeast corner of his rectangular shaped farm, to Nelson Phillips for $500. Albert D. Wright purchased the remaining 110 acres from Daniel Lynch in 1883. Wright maintained a dairy farm through the early part of the 20th century. During the 1910-1920 period, the purity of the milk was an important issue. The Board of Health demanded that Grade A milk producers needed cement floors in their cow barns instead of dirt. Farmers organized together to centralize the pasteurization process. Selling milk out a milk can from the back of a truck or horse drawn wagon wasn't going to be allowed anymore. In 1926 Wright joined his neighboring farmers and turned 100 acres of his farm over to residential development in the form of the Wright Tract [1926-07-04]. Albert Wright continued to live in his old homestead until his death in 1944 [1944-06-02].


Notable Facts or Events

[1955-10-10] - 100th Anniversary of the Wright House - with Corrections



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