Old Mattydale
Follow the Yellow Plank Road, just past the City Line
























This is a view of Bear Trap Creek, looking northwest from the edge of the Roxboro Road Middle School grounds. As everything around it changed, the creek just rolled on.





Old Mattydale


    Why Is It Called Mattydale?

    Plank Road Visit to Canada

    The Story of the Double Underpass

    The Arrival of Frank Matty

    Residential Development

    Origin of the Street Names

    Explosive School Growth

    National Defense Home Program

    Mattydale Mysteries

    The Old School House - NEW 08-12-22


Major Sections

   Old Settlers of the Town of Salina

   The Roadhouses on the Old Plank Roads

    Mattydale Landmarks



    Halloween Shoot Out

    The 1912 Tornado


New Mattydale Books

Secrets in an Irish Diary - New - Aug 2023

   The girls solve a murder in Ireland in 1965-1966  

The Secret of the Gold Coins

   The same three girls search for buried treasure in 1964-1965 Mattydale. 

The Young Ghost Searchers

    A mystery where three girls search for ghosts in 1959-1960 Mattydale. 

Moving Molloy's Money

    An historical fiction novel taking place in 1925-1927 Mattydale.



    Growing Up On the Fields of Rose Lawn

    The Rose Lawn Saga

    The Missing Rose Lawn History

    The Short History of Mattydale - Duplessis

    Frank Matty's Memoirs - 1933 -

           In 30 installments from the Syracuse Herald

    The Building of the Legend - Frank Matty's Birthday Parties

    The Plank Road and the Mattydale Triangle


 What Was That?


Plank Road Bike Races

Bear Trap Park

The Old Iron Pier

Morey’s Park & Dreamwyld

Golfmore Golf Course

Where Did the Elm Trees Go?

Buchanan Field The Old Ball Park 1953 - 1958
Mattydale - Never Was What Were These All About?
First Air Flight Matty's Barn Roof Collapse
Road Bowling State Fair in Mattydale
Jamaicans & POWs Riot on Kirsch Tract
Mattydale's "John Dillinger"  
The Cicero Stage Coach  


            Mattydale Videos - 68 clips

                             1st Half            2nd Half





Sr. Amelia's 2nd Grade Class  
An Old License Returns Home  
Syracuse Businesses and Industries  




Historic Maps - 1860, 1874, 1898, 1947

    Historical Aerial Photos

     "The Cornell Institute for Resource Information Sciences (IRIS) maintains a large and comprehensive collection of aerial photographs for New York State dating from 1936 through 1995. The photographs are primarily black and white direct contact prints, and in hard copy form they measure from 7” x 9” to 9” x 9” in size; scales vary." Mattydale photos are from 1938, 1951 and 1966.


    1924 Residential Development Maps (No longer works)

      Map of City of Syracuse and Suburbs, Onondaga Co., NY,

      G. M. Hopkins Co., 136-138 South Fourth St.,    

      Philadelphia,   PA, 1924

      This version of the atlas has updated maps that reflect new

      subdivisions up through at least 1928.


    1924 Residential Development Maps

      Map of City of Syracuse and Suburbs, Onondaga Co., NY,

      G. M. Hopkins Co., 136-138 South Fourth St.,    

      Philadelphia,   PA, 1924

      This version of the atlas has the original 1924 maps.

      They are also of a higher resolution.


    Other Mattydale Books

o    Trolley Stops 2, 3 & 4 - Helen Burnham

o    The Family of the Wizard - Susan Ferrara, Ph.D.


    Historical Newspapers   


There are over 50 million newspaper pages that can be found on the Old Fulton NY Post Card Website.



The Bessie B. Riordan Apartments on E. Molloy Road were formerly known as the Bessie B. Riordan Elementary School. Before 1963 this was Mattydale School. Until the 1920s, the lot just west of this building was occupied by a wooden one-room school house (No. 3). The original structure was built in 1853. It burned down on January 24, 1902 and a similar one-room school house was rebuilt on the same site.