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The short videos on this page were taken from a DVD provided by Roger Baker, a former Mattydale resident. The DVD contained a selection of home movie film clips that were compiled to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Mattydale Volunteer Fire Department in 2005. In the beginning the fire department operated out of Frank Matty's double barn. In 1941 they moved into their new building at the corner of E. Molloy Road and Mitchell Ave, where they are still located.

The total length for both of the files on the DVD runs about 3-1/2 hours. These represent typical amateur film making from the 1940s through the late 1950s. The quality of the film and the technique of the person operating the camera, in some parts of the DVD, will prevent all 3-1/2 hours worth from being converted.

The contents of the DVD will be broken into small self contained segments in a AVI format (Audio Video Interleaved) that can be played on the Windows Media Player. By clicking on the number in the first column of the table below, the file will be downloaded or the Windows Media Player will open, depending on how your browser has been set up.  

In the Description column of the table I will try to describe the clips in as much detail as possible. Ultimately I would like to be able to identify dates and locations for each clip along with naming the activity and some of the people shown in the clip. This is where the visitors to this site can make contributions. If you know more about a particular clip please send me an e-mail with the information. 

This page has been enhanced with more details in the descriptions provided by Roger Baker. The Yellow Jacket emblems above were photographs by Roger of his father's (Bud Baker) Mattydale VFD jacket.

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First Half             Old Mattydale                Second Half


No Time Description
2 01:59.6 Parade in downtown Syracuse, includes Little League baseball teams. The clip starts with the parade heading north on South Salina Street. The parade turns west at Eire Blvd and passes by the old Post Office Bldg and then turns north on Franklin St behind the post office. Arnold Zampi leading the MFD, must have been chief which would be early 50s (1951/1952). Lots of Little League teams, this was when the Little League was organized.
3 01:24.8 Parade - in color Early 1950s
4 02:10.6 Fixin' to parade and finally parading - location unknown. Arnold Zampi leading MFD, good shots of MFD drum and bugle corp. Smokey Lamp and Bill Basler with a beer toast, MFD buffalo fire truck.
5 04:17.8 A Long parade - in color - Part 1
Parade unknown location, Arnold Zampi, MFD Chief, and my [Roger Baker's] Dad, Bud Baker, Asst Chief, leading MFD. Ed Skinner, Director, marching with his MFD drum and bugle corp.
6 02:07.5 A Long parade - in color - Part 2
7 00:35.1 A Bunch of the guys - Jack Shane, Frank Tyminski, and Rinky Mento in this group
8 01:10.1 Firemen Competitions - only person recognized is Jack Shane
9 02:26.2 Competitions & some close ups - Burt Eno and Jack Shane at the end.
10 01:26.1 Water competition, more races, bucket brigade again - Burt Eno and Jack Shane.
11 03:14.2 A Toilet Paper Competition & Clambake Capers. Clambake Long Branch Park early 50s. Some people recognized are: Gladys Merrit, Margaret Stinger (both lived in the 100 blk of Matty Ave), Rinky Mento and daughter (200 blk of Matty), Mrs. Casolere, Bill Basler and Smokey Lamp, Walt Miller and son Fred Miller seated at picnic table (100 blk of Beley), Arnold Zampi.
12 00:58.5 Another parade - B&W - Faint. Charles Baker (Roger Bakerís grandfather in lead car). Time period is early 50s.
13 03:04.2 Parade in Mattydale - Northbound side of Brewerton Road - in front of McKinley's Market. Ed Skinner with Mattydale Drum and Bugle Corps.
14 01:25.7 Marty Waltos, Smokey Lamp, Johnny Angelo (founder of Mattydale Little League) and Jack Shane. Angelo lived next to the elementary school on Matty Ave.
15 01:11.1 Football and horseshoes
16 02:50.7 And the Band Played On
17 03:11.8 Firemen at play - doingÖ Well, you'll see
18 02:10.0 A little parade and a lot of sidelines activity. Arnold Zampi, Smokey Lamp, Andy Schuster
19 00:39.5 Parade in Mattydale. North bound Brewerton - in front of McKinley's Market - A little washed out
20 03:58.7 A long parade heading north on Brewerton Road. Probably taken from McKinley's roof. Note Hollywood Theater, Pixie Bar, First Trust Bank, Ben Franklins. Good shots of Mattydale color guard. Possibly Tony Lightenfield, who led this group to a State championship. Chief Carl Johnson with trophy.
21 01:24.6 FINALLY - A useable fire clip
22 02:11.2 Another out of town parade
23 02:11.0 1956 - Mattydale parade heading north on Brewerton Road. Note stores in the background: S&S Drugstore, Gilbeau's Color Bar (paint store), McKinleys and Skinners Variety Store.............all gone. In fact there are no grocery stores or gas stations in Mattydale today. They have been replaced by Dollar store, Tatoo parlors and Chinese restaurants. Town Tavern and the Hollywood theater are the only businesses that have survived, Cam-Nelís is also still there.
24 06:26.4 1956 - More of the same Mattydale parade
25 02:10.6 Looks a WET and DRY parade in same location. Parade in East Syracuse or Solvay; 52-53 vintage
26 00:38.6 Mattydale impromptu "fun band" again
27 02:35.2 The Lull before the parade. Group shots, Burt Eno, Jack Shane, Bud Baker (saluting by truck) and Bernie Cook
28 02:25.2 Firemen on parade - Walt Miller, Arnold Zampi
29 01:43.1 Circa 1959 - Dick Wright, Moe Clayton, Frank Tyminski (Chief), 1959 Ford in parade.
30 02:51.2 Practice fire - Bud Baker in yellow jacket (same one shown at the top of the video page), Jimmy Laure running pump.
31 01:26.5 Judy Clayton, Eleanor Bruno and Mento girl in formals, note the 59 Chevy. Also Frank Tyminski, Root and Rocky Bruno (Chiefs).
32 03:08.2 Practice fire - Carl Johnson (Chief). In the background can be seen Roger Bakerís Dadís 51 Ford.
33 03:18.2 Mostly a parade in Baldwinsville
34 00:36.1 Fixin' to parade
35 03:39.2 Water & Hose competition - Marginal quality film but lots of action