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The short videos on this page were taken from a DVD provided by Roger Baker, a former Mattydale resident. The DVD contained a selection of home movie film clips that were compiled to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Mattydale Volunteer Fire Department in 2005. In the beginning the fire department operated out of Frank Matty's double barn. In 1941 they moved into their new building at the corner of E. Molloy Road and Mitchell Ave, where they are still located.

The total length for both of the files on the DVD runs about 3-1/2 hours. These represent typical amateur film making from the 1940s through the late 1950s. The quality of the film and the technique of the person operating the camera, in some parts of the DVD, will prevent all 3-1/2 hours worth from being converted.

The contents of the DVD will be broken into small self contained segments in a AVI format (Audio Video Interleaved) that can be played on the Windows Media Player. By clicking on the number in the first column of the table below, the file will be downloaded or the Windows Media Player will open, depending on how your browser has been set up.  

In the Description column of the table I will try to describe the clips in as much detail as possible. Ultimately I would like to be able to identify dates and locations for each clip along with naming the activity and some of the people shown in the clip. This is where the visitors to this site can make contributions. If you know more about a particular clip please send me an e-mail with the information. 

This page has been enhanced with more details in the descriptions provided by Roger Baker. The Yellow Jacket emblems above were photographs by Roger of his father's (Bud Baker) Mattydale VFD jacket.

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First Half              Old Mattydale                 Second Half


No Time Description
1 02:38.9 Baseball game - probably Buchanan Field. There is some good footage of Johnny Angelo, and a guy whose last name was Godsill. Also in video Jack Schoen, Smokey Lamp and Rinky Mento.
2 01:16.0 Parade, Bud Baker carrying flag late 40s - Walt Miller Chief, Ed Skinner, Buffalo fire truck in parade
3 00:32.6 Fireman in a parade - might be part of #2
4 02:06.1 Firemen arriving to a rural practice fire. Look for the '49 or '50 Chevy
4A 00:42.0 Mattydale always had a costume parade at the field days for the kids and gave out prizes for the best costume. It is believed that Chuck Nojaim is in the striped shirt towards the end.
5 02:22.9 Fireman in a parade - this might be two different parades. Auxillary my [Roger Baker's] mother Lila Baker carrying the banner.
6 01:39.0 Field Day Competitions - look for Bud Baker
7 01:16.4 Ladies Band on Parade
8 01:58.6 Water fight competition - these were banned in later years because of injuries.
9 04:05.3 Arnold Zampi funeral services. Fire Chief of Mattydale VFD
10 01:31.6 1947 - County Convention
11 02:07.2 Fire games, bucket brigade - Burt Eno, Ed Skinner. Yard birds were East Syracuse
12 03:04.8 Parade - Color film; Charles Baker in convertible
13 03:24.1 Similar Parade - Color film; Arnold Zampi, Johnny Angelo, Casolere, Marty Waltos..........Auxillary - Gladys Merritt, Edna Berry, Betty Brodhead.
14 02:00.6 Firemen & Auxillary on Parade; Charles Baker in car, Smokey Lamp, Jack Schoen, Bill Fahey, Walt Miller, Ken Benson, Rinky Mento, Bob Martin, Marty Waltos...........Auxillary - Gladys Merritt, Ester Lamp............Buffalo truck, Bud Baker.
15 01:34.4 Mattydale VFD Field Days 1947, Smokey Lamp, Jack Schoen
16 02:27.5 Parade - Probably Burt Riordan on sheriff cycle.
17 02:58.5 Two Parades Together; Sea Hawks - Helen Eno - auxillary, Bud Baker, Jack Schoen, Charles Baker.
18 01:28.6 Parade and Field Day
19 04:30.3 1947 Mattydale VFD Field Days Clean Up; .Jack Schoen, Ed Skinner, Johnny Angelo, Harold Stinger, Gladys Merritt, Walt Miller
20 04:26.1 Clambake - Baseball game, Horse shoes & Tug of war; Onondaga Lake....late 40s
21 03:03.9 Dancing Party; square dancing, Ed and Meg Skinner
22 01:07.9 Mattydale VFD - Some snow shoveling and trucks on display
23 00:11.0 Kid delivering papers with dog sled
24 00:25.6 Aftermath of a Fire
25 00:11.0 Syracuse Street Scene - Trolley car
26 00:57.8 Before & during a parade; Zampi, Miller
27 00:41.0 Behind the Scenes; Zampi, Miller
28 00:28.4 An Informal Parade
29 01:20.1 Firemen Practicing on City of Syracuse Practice Tower
30 01:25.9 Some sight seeing & more practice
31 00:51.5 For what it's worth - party, horseplay, Zampi, Miller
32 01:25.6 1951 - Mattydale VFD Field Day 
33 01:59.8 1951 Parade on north bound lane of Brewerton Road. Partly filmed from the roof of McKinley's Super Market