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Edward Stack (1844-1892)

Margaret Fitzgerald Stack (1851-1914)

Margaret Fitzgerald Stack (1851-1914) with three of her children

This is a picture of Margaret Stack and her children. Mary Stack died at age 6, in 1888 so she can not be the young girl in this picture. The young girl above is about ten years old. The only daughter left was Theresa who was born in 1885. If she was 10 in this picture then the picture was taken in about 1895. At that time Margaretís children were Richard (18), William (17), Edward (13), Theresa (10) and Bernard (8). The boys in the picture are too young to be either Richard or William. Therefore the boys in the picture are Edward, behind his mother and Bernard on the far right. In 1895 the family was living at 723 East Adams St., Syracuse, NY.

On the left is Pat Finn, 1st cousin newly arrived from Ireland in 1905. In front - Bernard Stack. In back - Edward Stack (d. 1906). On right - William Stack (d. 1915). Brother Dick Stack was unavailable. This picture was taken 1905-1906.


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