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Right now this site is heavily weighted towards Upperchurch and information related to that area. The goal of that portion of the site is to help people whose ancestors came from the Upperchurch area make contact with others from the same area. There is a large cluster of Upperchurch descendants in the Central New York area and we are interested to know if other such clusters exist in other parts of the world.

The second purpose is to expand the McGrath side of the site by researching, organizing and publishing the history of the McGrath families in Ireland. This will be an update and expansion of the book, The Origins of the McGrath Family. The challenge here is to close the Penal Era Gap where possible.

This site went live on Halloween 2006 and as with any new site there will be problems. At times the site might not respond as problems are being resolved. At least four pages are very image heavy and take a long time to load, especially with dial up connections. But be patient they are well worth the wait. Over the coming weeks I will be adding more content, smoothing out rough edges and fixing things that break. Please be patient.


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June 6, 2021




            The initial organization of this web site was based on assumptions about the directions in which the genealogy research would proceed. Over the 15 years since the launch of mcgrathsearch.com in 2006 there has been significant subsequent research and it has led into areas that had not been anticipated. A consequence of this success is an array of research that doesnít fit neatly into the original structure of the web site. Therefore the homepage and several other next level pages have been re-organized.


There are seven major divisions on the restructured home page.


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            Although the reorganized home page will aid in the navigation of this web site it is not the final answer. An efficient procedure for finding material on this site is to use a browser and limit the search to the domain mcgrathsearch.com. Many of the documents found on this site have a title and an appended date which indicates the date of creation or revision. When searching for a document titled as such donít include the date in the search string because there might be a more current version of the document on the site, which has replaced the earlier version.



















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